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Norton has cared about abrasives for 130 years and counting.

We care so that when you need the right sandpaper for your kitchen remodel or the right grinding wheel to streamline production in your plant, we’re delivering choices that matter to your workforce, the environment, and your bottom line. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve your working conditions and simplify the job by eliminating dust or noise, reducing total costs by increasing the number of parts you can finish in an abrasive application, and considering the ergonomics of the application to improve worker comfort. “Right” means different things for every customer. And, if we don’t have the solution you’re looking for today, you can count on us to be developing that solution tomorrow.

Tackling today’s collision repair projects requires the right training, products, and processes. Our high-performance refinishing solutions, ranging from abrasives to masking products, along with our standard operating procedure expertise, help auto body shops efficiently and cost-effectively deliver consistent, quality results.

Consistent and reliable products are critical when your time and reputation are on the line. We deliver the high-quality products and time-saving solutions to get the job done faster whether you are a consumer, professional, or anything in between.